Frequently asked questions

At Rider, we provide both individuals and travel agents with an easy-to-use international transfer booking system for private cars, shared shuttles, and buses.

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Before you book

What information do I need to order a reservation?

Booking a reservation is easy. We simply need your:

  • Pick-up location and destination;
  • Pick-up date and time;
  • Number of people traveling, including children;
  • Name and address
  • Flight information
  • Payment details
How do I pay for my reservations?

Payment is made at the time of booking and can be done either via PayPal or major credit cards. We do not charge surcharges for booking via either method.

How do I order a return trip that is separate from my original destination?

To travel from a different return destination you need to order two separate reservations, one for the initial transfer and one for the return transfer with the different pick-up location.

What is the Rider emergency number?

You can contact Rider at any time, 24x7 at +972-3-5443303.

Which vehicles does Rider use?

Most shuttle shared transfers are handled by new minivans, whereas private transfers are handled by executive cars. Private transfers are based on the vehicle designation provided in the order reservations.

Before you travel

Does the return trip need to be reconfirmed?

No, you do not need to reconfirm the return service to the airport.

What happens if I do not find the Rider representative?

In the event of being unable to find the local Rider supplier representative or driver, the telephone number of the local Rider supplier representative appears on the voucher provided with each reservation. In addition, you can always call our emergency number at +972-3-5443303 or email us at

What happens in the case of a delay?

The Rider local representatives receive regular updates on flight schedules and changes. In the event of a prolonged delay Rider will try to arrange an alternative solution, pursuant to Terms and Conditions.

What happens if I need to change my itinerary?

Should you be required to change your order, please contact us at to ensure that your new travel information is adequately updated. Please note that it may not be possible to change your reservations within 48 hours of departure.

Can you do tours and large itinerary bookings?

Yes. Please contact us directly at with your itinerary and we will be happy to assist you.

Do your suppliers have insurance?

All of Rider’s suppliers hold full public liability insurance. We do, however, recommend that you hold a valid travel insurance policy for the duration of your trip.

After you travel

Where will the Rider representative wait at the airport?

The representative will greet the traveler in the airport Arrivals Hall unless indicated otherwise on the voucher provided with each reservation.

What does the price include?

For shuttle / shared transfers, the price includes booking per passenger reserved, including children, plus one piece of luggage per passenger for each leg of your journey. For private cars, the price includes travel for up to three passengers and pieces of luggage as specified in the reservation for each leg of your journey.

Is Rider cheaper than public transportation?

The Rider service is affordable, convenient and trustworthy. Prices for shuttle services differ per destination and in most cases the service will be slightly more expensive than public transportation alternatives, yet more affordable than private taxis..

What is a private service?

An exclusive transfer whereby the chauffeur will greet the traveler at the pre-designated pick-up point and drive you in comfort to your destination

What is a shuttle service?

An affordable group transfer for people traveling in the same vehicle, generally a minivan, to/from multiple pick-up/drop-off points.

Do I need to tip the driver?

The price paid includes all costs., Any tips or other service gratuities are entirely at your discretion.

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